The Daily Sketchbook Overview

The Daily Sketchbook Overview/

Dorade and Lemon

Januar 18th, 2017|Still Life|

Charles Dickens

Januar 17th, 2017|Portrait|

Leo Tolstoi

Januar 16th, 2017|Portrait|

Jazzman II.

Januar 15th, 2017|Professional|


Januar 14th, 2017|Professional|


Januar 13th, 2017|Still Life|

Branched, pointed and not so red, the cabbage

Januar 12th, 2017|Still Life|

Neuer Katalog …

Januar 12th, 2017|Allgemein|

Quickly shalotte

Januar 11th, 2017|Still Life|

Zwei ungewöhnliche Kunstdrucke zu den Dailys …

Januar 11th, 2017|Allgemein|

Truly a grenade, this apple

Januar 10th, 2017|Still Life|

The rest of the shit salad

Januar 9th, 2017|Still Life|

It´s crumbling the broccoli

Januar 8th, 2017|Still Life|

Horst Janssen – the enfant terrible

Januar 7th, 2017|Portrait|


Januar 6th, 2017|Still Life|

Oyster mushrooms on boesner shopping bag

Januar 5th, 2017|Still Life|

Savoy, or a cabbage feels good

Januar 4th, 2017|Still Life|

Jugglers with basket

Januar 3rd, 2017|Professional|

Shell searcher

Januar 2nd, 2017|Professional|

The good resolutions at the end of the year

Januar 1st, 2017|Anecdotes|

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