The Daily Works Overview

The Daily Works Overview/

Long forgotten is this summer

März 21st, 2019|Working Class Heroes|

Pensive August

März 20th, 2019|Circus|

The stupid August

März 19th, 2019|Circus|

The sadly August

März 18th, 2019|Circus|

Castle of Schwerin

März 17th, 2019|Cityscapes|

Dresdner Zwinger

März 16th, 2019|Cinematics|

Frauenkirche Dresden

März 15th, 2019|Cityscapes|

He is actually wrong, the Tower of Pisa

März 14th, 2019|Cityscapes|

Notre Dame

März 13th, 2019|Cityscapes|

Berliner Reichstag

März 5th, 2019|Cityscapes|

Taj Mahal

März 4th, 2019|Cityscapes|

Neuschwanstein in the fog

März 3rd, 2019|Cityscapes|

The Eiffel Tower to Paris, not the tower in the Eifel, which does not exist

März 2nd, 2019|Cityscapes|

Dome of Cologne

März 1st, 2019|Cityscapes|

Carnival insert in the early morning

Februar 26th, 2019|That´s Life|

Pretty best friends today

Februar 25th, 2019|That´s Life|

Welcome Fassenacht

Februar 24th, 2019|That´s Life|

Whirlwind Horse – Sioux

Februar 23rd, 2019|Early Centuries|

Janis Joplin

Februar 22nd, 2019|Portrait|

Kurt Cobain

Februar 21st, 2019|Portrait|

Bruno Ganz

Februar 18th, 2019|Portrait|

Murder at the lake

Februar 11th, 2019|Landscapes|

In the valley of the three sistern

Februar 10th, 2019|Landscapes|

Sidney Bechet – Clarinet

Februar 9th, 2019|Music|

Dirty Harry – Clint Eastwood

Februar 8th, 2019|Portrait|

The Hewitt House

Februar 7th, 2019|Landscapes|

At the grave of the boxer

Februar 6th, 2019|Still Life|

The forgotten hideout on the hillside

Februar 5th, 2019|Landscapes|

But in the end his only way was to escape

Februar 4th, 2019|Landscapes|

Deceptive is the appearance of the idyll

Februar 3rd, 2019|Landscapes|

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