The Daily Works Overview

The Daily Works Overview/

But in the end his only way was to escape

Februar 4th, 2019|Landscapes|

Deceptive is the appearance of the idyll

Februar 3rd, 2019|Landscapes|

Louis Armstong

Februar 2nd, 2019|Portrait|

Humphrey Bogart

Februar 1st, 2019|Portrait|

Willy Brandt

Januar 28th, 2019|Portrait|

Helmut Schmidt

Januar 27th, 2019|Portrait|

The haunting house of Mrs. Bates

Januar 26th, 2019|Landscapes|

Impression of a starting autumn day

Januar 25th, 2019|Landscapes|

At the Stone of sorrow

Januar 24th, 2019|Cemetery|

Bananarama Slipper

Januar 23rd, 2019|Shoes|

A four button Lady boot

Januar 22nd, 2019|Shoes|

The buckle Boot in red and blue

Januar 21st, 2019|Shoes|

A Kind of paradise shoe II.

Januar 20th, 2019|Shoes|

Lady in Black

Januar 19th, 2019|Cemetery|


Januar 18th, 2019|Working Class Heroes|

Cello – in Momentum V.

Januar 17th, 2019|Music|

Days in Davonshire

Januar 16th, 2019|Landscapes|

A unexpected journey

Januar 15th, 2019|Working Class Heroes|

St. Mary Mead

Januar 14th, 2019|Landscapes|

Virtuosity – Violin IV.

Januar 13th, 2019|Music|

Cello – in Momentum IV.

Januar 12th, 2019|Music|

Twilight at the big river

Januar 11th, 2019|Landscapes|

Cello – in Momentum III.

Januar 10th, 2019|Music|

Escape from Dartmoor

Januar 9th, 2019|Landscapes|

Fog over Baskerville

Januar 8th, 2019|Landscapes|

Lon Chaney

Januar 7th, 2019|Portrait|

Cello – in Momentum II.

Januar 6th, 2019|Music|

Jamaica Inn

Januar 5th, 2019|Landscapes|

Cello – in Momentum I.

Januar 4th, 2019|Music|

Virtuosity – Violin III.

Januar 3rd, 2019|Music|

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