The Daily Works Overview

The Daily Works Overview/

All in white

Juni 22nd, 2018|Professional|

All in yellow

Juni 21st, 2018|Professional|

All in blue

Juni 20th, 2018|Professional|

All in light green

Juni 19th, 2018|Professional|


Juni 18th, 2018|Anecdotes|

All in red

Juni 17th, 2018|Professional|

If you put your head in the sand

Juni 16th, 2018|Anecdotes|

Anthony Hopkins

Juni 15th, 2018|Portrait|

With the head through the wall

Juni 14th, 2018|Anecdotes|


Juni 13th, 2018|That´s Life|

Fog near by the river

Juni 12th, 2018|Landscapes|

A man and his beer

Juni 11th, 2018|Professional|

A man and his bird

Juni 10th, 2018|Professional|

The backstage door

Juni 9th, 2018|Anecdotes|

The Art of the great thunder

Juni 8th, 2018|Anecdotes|

Bob Marley

Juni 7th, 2018|Portrait|

There are things that do not exist – or are they?

Juni 6th, 2018|Ego-Zentrisches|

I with dishcloth on my head

Juni 5th, 2018|Ego-Zentrisches|

Nip over the railing

Juni 4th, 2018|That´s Life|

Selbst – und manchmal ein wenig zuviel

Juni 3rd, 2018|Ego-Zentrisches|

Early in the morning at midnight

Juni 2nd, 2018|That´s Life|


Juni 1st, 2018|Ego-Zentrisches|


Mai 31st, 2018|Sexus/Act|

Charles Baudelaire

Mai 30th, 2018|Portrait|

Helmut Schmidt

Mai 29th, 2018|Portrait|

One of these day

Mai 28th, 2018|Professional|

The lost farm of the animals

Mai 27th, 2018|Allgemein|

All animals are equel, but some are more equel

Mai 26th, 2018|Anecdotes|

A day at the sea

Mai 25th, 2018|Sexus/Act|

Way of Kain

Mai 24th, 2018|Landscapes|

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