Figurine design based on a wooden balance doll

September 6th, 2019|Miscellaneous|

Alt Asbeck

August 1st, 2019|Miscellaneous|

G. Nivalis Reinermann

Dezember 13th, 2017|Miscellaneous|

Even a right-handed person can draw (Light Version)

November 11th, 2017|Miscellaneous|

Even a right-handed person can draw

November 8th, 2017|Miscellaneous|

Lady in Black

November 4th, 2017|Miscellaneous|

Left hand drawing II.

Dezember 6th, 2016|Miscellaneous|

Left hand drawing I.

Dezember 3rd, 2016|Miscellaneous|

Galanthus RÜSCH´L JÖ (i.A.)

April 17th, 2016|Miscellaneous|

Galanthus Morgana

November 9th, 2015|Miscellaneous|

In love with three glasses

August 22nd, 2015|Miscellaneous|

Bird of Paradise

Juni 18th, 2015|Miscellaneous|


Mai 25th, 2015|Miscellaneous|

Vino Blanco

Mai 24th, 2015|Miscellaneous|

Artists left Hand

Mai 14th, 2015|Miscellaneous|

The hand of the artist, my left hand, the left paw

Mai 13th, 2015|Miscellaneous|

Male Hand Study

Mai 12th, 2015|Miscellaneous|

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